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Know Your Numbers

April is the National Financial Literacy month, and I want to acknowledge the importance of good financial health. Good financial health is not only an important factor in purchasing and maintaining a home, but it also plays a role in the health and enjoyment of your overall life. No, money is not the source of real joy and peace, but it does “answer all things” (Ecclesiastes 10:19 of the Bible). Money is a tangible answer to tangible needs, and without the knowledge, tools and discipline to properly handle it, we unnecessarily miss out on a lot of good things this life has to offer.

Overcoming many of the challenges we face in life usually begins with acknowledging and assessing our current situation. Just as it is important to know your physical numbers (i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, etc.), it is equally important to know your financial numbers – income, debt, savings, etc.

It is so easy to go through daily life mindlessly spending the money we earn or racking up debt on our credit cards with no vision for our financial future nor purpose which our money should serve. Did you know that you should have a vision for your financial future? Did you know that your money should serve a purpose beyond the surface of everyday expenses?

To “know your numbers” means to courageously confront your finances head on. Knowing your numbers is having an intentional awareness of your financial state AND choosing to take back and maintain control of your finances.

Take back control through your daily decisions. Good financial stewardship is a lifestyle developed through personal motivation and personal discipline. What is your motivation to earn money, to save, to pay off debt? What picture of the future motivates you? Do you see yourself in a new home? What about saving for a wedding or even your child’s wedding? Do you see college in your future? What about ways to help others, like a community center for youth?


Let that be a force that drives and motivates you toward the discipline needed to succeed.

Personal discipline includes actions of accountability. How long has it been since you’ve looked at the transaction items on your bank or credit card statement? How much are you spending daily or weekly to eat out? How much are you impulsively spending online for things you don’t have to have RIGHT NOW? Put this information in your face. It’ll probably hurt, but the truth of your spending habits will make you free!

Freedom comes when, after confronting your spending habits, you make a daily conscious decision to do the work to put yourself in a better financial position than you are currently. Find a good budget template on Google. Learn the things you should be budgeting for, like an emergency fund, a retirement fund, a college fund, etc. If necessary, find ways to make extra income to pay down lingering debt.

Remember that nothing worth attaining will be attained overnight. Instead, take small steps day by day toward accomplishing your financial goals. I believe in you, and I know you can do it. Just believe in yourself!

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